Online Well Log Data Plotter

Quick online tools for viewing LAS 2.0 files.

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Play with test log files using online well log viewer. Edit plot parameters.


LAS 2.0 file viewer

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Online SEG-Y Seismic Viewer

New App:

  • View your SEG-Y file online almost instantly.
  • View text header, binary header and trace header values
  • View up to 30 traces with free sign up

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Planned Features:

  • Online data storage
  • Create a new log trace as a function of other log data
  • Edit LAS header info
  • Upload .csv or .xlsx and output an .LAS file
  • Plot sonic waveform and televiewer data
  • Televiewer fracture data processing and sonic log data processing
  • LAS 3.0 file import
  • Seismic trace editing